Vancouver Wine Festival 2024: When Wine Meets EVO oil

As the sun dips behind the Vancouver skyline, wine aficionados eagerly gathered for the annual Vancouver Wine Festival, buzzing with excitement. Amidst a sea of booths flaunting the world’s finest wines, we presented our EVO oils on February 28th, 29th and March 1st at the Authentic Italian Taste booth.

Here, amidst the clinking bottles and swirling glasses, we led attendees for a treat—a journey through the flavors of Abruzzo and Puglia olive oils.

Edlyn arranging our booth

The EVOO Tasting

With the reverence usually reserved for fine wines, we poured guests with a drizzle of olive oil onto fresh bread, watching as it creates a shimmering cascade of green and gold. The aroma that wafts up is nothing short of intoxicating—hints of freshly cut grass, green almonds, tomatoes etc. Some customers – often sommeliers- even asked us to try the EVO oils on their own, without bread (the professional way of tasting EVO oil).

Guests were handed slices of freshly baked bread, alongside Fontana Rosa from Fratelli Ferrara, Intosso and EVOO Blend from Tommaso Masciantonio.

As attendees took their first bite, their taste buds were treated to a symphony of flavors—a delicate dance of fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency that tantalized their palate. With each subsequent taste, nuances emerge, unveiling the distinct personalities of Masciantonio and Fratelli Ferrara olive oils.

Intosso, with its notes of green tomato and artichoke, was the clear favourite, while Fratelli Ferrara’s Fontana Rosa standed out for its bold and intense flavours (Vancouverites are used to the Coratina varietal as is commonly found in supermarkets). Each drop of our oils tells a story—a tale of terroir, tradition, and the skilled hands behind it.

Leaving with Memories

As the curtain falls on the Vancouver Wine Festival, we carry more than just memories— we noticed a newfound appreciation for fresh EVO oils in a city like Vancouver, where the EVO oils available on supermarkets are often old or even expired.

For us, this experience is more than just showcasing olive oils; it’s about sharing our passion for tradition, terroir, and quality food.

And as guests departed, their taste buds enriched and their senses awakened, they become ambassadors of this flavorful odyssey—a journey that knows no bounds, celebrating the universal language of taste.

Giuseppe and Edlyn

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